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used in conversation, txt message, chat,
1) meaning, "What is your name?"

2) also used as/to; location (including who is there), Plans for that day/night, feelings at that present time.

3) Accomplishing something or accomplished, achieved.
1) I asked his fine ass, "What'cha name is?"

2a) Becky: "What'cha name is?"
Jeremy: "Highway 158, almost there, sorry I'm late."

2b) Quan: "What'cha name is boo?"
Jerezy: "Pissed off, these fat bitches wont work!"
Quan: "Hope yo day at work get better!"

2c) LaPrada: "What'cha name is Beckles?"
Beckles: "Going to the club tonight, with Jerezy."
LaPrada: "I'm There."

3) Jeremy: "What's my name is!" after scoring a fat bag
Becky: "Jigga my cracka! We gettin' fucked up tonight"
Jeremy: "Yeah! And get on again!"
by Becky & Jeremy November 27, 2006
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