A man who will tell them that they are beautiful even when they dun got their makeup on ^_^
Ummm yeah....
by BigDaddyDanger April 13, 2004
Okay, I'll enlighten you guys on this subject... here are some basic things that women want:
A- A man with a functioning brain, the ability to think with something else than his dick (or stomach), a decent job, the intelligence to bathe and groom himself and the capacity to be compassionate, caring, and empathetic without thinking this makes him a pussy.
B- Money. Hey, it makes the world go round!
C-Health, success in life, and a better role in society than a 'video ho' or some ditzy starlet who puts beauty over brains.

I hope I've cleared things up for you... It's not all that difficult to figure out. (hint: follow the golden rule)
by Shawn B. October 11, 2003

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