Thier own way, the one thing that women, however far they progress, will never tempt away from those with meat betwxit thier legs.

They also like guys with- money (which can buy them influence), balls of steel (who can persuade others to do as she has persauded him), money (that again), good looks (not important after 25)
The ladies want my man-meat.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 20, 2004
Top Definition
Don't know, never fucking will either.
I want you to be sensitive and brave and caring and tough and have a great body and be an intellectual and give me all your money
by pseudonym April 07, 2004
'Sensitivity' is an overused word; one may do better by calling the ideal male 'sweet' and 'kind' or 'nice.' One thing to note, however, is that women, while they are ultimately the ones who decide with whom they are in a relationship, only decide among what may be considered applicants.

This is where one enters into a conflict. Women want 'sweet' and 'kind' men; however, these men are generally too 'sweet' and 'kind' to actually pursue a comparable girlfriend, because said girlfriend will be simultaneously worried about 'not being good enough' or 'being a bitch' to the 'sweet' and 'kind' male -- and so they manage to dissuade the considerate male, who doesn't want to press the issue with an uncertain girl for fear of being forceful or insensitive.

This is, coincidentally, why assholes or bold males tend to get girls; they are routinely more forceful in pursuing their interests, and so girls are convinced to date them despite that they would prefer other types of males.
(sweet example)
"Bobby, I'd like to -- but I'm really not sure I could give you the sort of attention you deserve. I'd hate to come across as a bitch..."
"Jenny, I wouldn't mind at all; any time would be cherished, but if you think otherwise...."

(arse example)
"Bobby, I'm really not sure. You've got sort of a bad reputation.."
"Don't worry about it, Jenny; y'know how those rumors go. Just try one date. You'll love it."
by dvalin April 11, 2004
Everything and nothing. Just take a few minutes to think about that and you'll get the point.
It is impossible to know what the ladies want because they can't even make up their own fucking minds for a change.
by AYB October 09, 2003
Falls into two categories:
1. What the ladies say they want - sensitive, funny guys who won't treat them like shit, cheat on them, or dump them when a woman with larger breasts becomes available.
2. What the ladies ACTUALLY want (or at least those that they pick) - 'hot' guys with a bad reputation (biker, rock star, felon) who will treat them like shit, cheat on them, and dump them when a woman with larger breasts becomes available.
What the ladies NEED is to say one thing and do the SAME thing
by Pete September 07, 2003
Money, expensive and useless crap, big penises, shopping malls, cell-phones, soap-operas, and SUVs.
That's basiclly what the ladies want.
by true June 06, 2004
1. A technical term that basically says that women want men who are sensetive to theri needs and will respect them for who they are.
2.Asshole guys that just care about getting into their pants and dump them like use tampons after getting what they want.
Ivan: Dude, I hate that shithead!
Gennady:But he's everything women want...
Ivan: I know!
by Not so super Dj Gennady January 08, 2003
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