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A slang term for WHAT THE FUCK~!?!
but a better term for what the dickens! foo.
iF YOU Wanna be ghetto but origanal use What to FO'?!
P.K kels kels.
What the Fo is up wit yall BITCH!?
by Shinket Micket April 07, 2006
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its like "what the fuck" except shortened to "what the fo"
I got a 50 on the history exam?!? yo what the fo? that teacha is wack
by henrizzle;) February 06, 2008
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a nicer way to say what the fuck

made up by me not you so get over it
april fools? but my friend made it up and i took it from her and me and her are the only ones allowed to use it by if your wonderring what the def. is thats what it is OKAY.
gosh darn fools.

kay kiss kiss
what the fo is your problem!
by Shinket Micket April 05, 2006
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