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Alternative way to curse about someone or something; less crude and sounds way nicer.
Teacher: Now, students, since you've learnt what is a fish, let me tell you that you can also use 'fish' to replace any bad words that may come out from your mouth.
Student: REALLY?!! What the f-!
Teacher: (interrupts) Ah hah! Replace it with 'fish'.
Student: Aight. I mean what the fish. FIIIIISH! I gotta tell this to my bro!
by fish eater March 17, 2007
A rather ingenious and cheerful alternative form of swear or exclamation that is widely accepted.
Someone: "Did you see that shot from that dude?!"
Another one: "What the fish! You kidding me? No one would miss that."
by momo monster February 07, 2007
another word for what the f**k
what the fish are you crazy
by gher August 16, 2010