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"what the fuck is going on."
the way to say it to express your literal confusion while not offending anyone at the same time.
what the figo.
calc teacher: "so these conic sections revolve around the x-axis."
student(to another student): "dude, what the figo? i don't understand this."
by LINJAMIN March 04, 2009
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Better way of saying "what the fuck is going on?" and more convenient than saying W.T.F.I.G.O. Can be used as a replacement for "what's up?" or "what's happening?".
What the figo ma dude?

Did I just see a naked homeless man running down my street? What the figo?

You never told me you had an STD? What the figo with you?!
by emkay27 February 13, 2010

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