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what the hell? what the f*ck? what the bloody hell? what the blood claart is goin on? a wot di bumbo raas klaart?
judje:ur being sentenced to 5 years in prison
man: ah what the BOASHE!

man1:do u have that £75 u owe me?
man2:no i havent been paid yet, i gave money to my mum, i got robbed in the street, give me till friday, i went in2 my house to get it but i instead walked out with a bowl of rice nd no money
man1:what the BOASHE u on about?

you find ur partner lookin through your mobile phone:

your friend has done something which u think is disrespectful so u say:

you:what the boashe u dealin wit?
you:i said what the boashe r u dealin wit?
frend: what the boashe u on bout u crazy fool?
by big poppa smurf May 23, 2008
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