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When some one is white in colour (caucasian) but has the features of an asian person.
That guy is so whasian....
by jwok January 21, 2013
3 1
one of mixed asian and white decent. whasian = white + asian.
it can be used to categorize someone. the parenthood does not mater, white mom + azn dad, azn mom + white dad, azn dad and white dad, etc. whasian can be a negative term in the way that the person can be considered white. a whasian sometimes does not fit into either group properly.
go pick up the ball, you whasian.
by gassnake October 30, 2005
67 29
a white asian.
by Luka September 09, 2003
31 26
(White-Asian) A White person, wanting to be, acting like, or seems: Asian. Do not get this confused with Whasian as in the physical form, this is just a mentall form
If "Sean" was taking Chinese for example, loved anime type stuff, and other releated objects/things, and thought Asia was the best continent, he would most likely be Whasian
by Sean Bird December 05, 2004
31 36
A person who is half-white, half-Chinese
subcategories: whinese, whapanese, whietnamese, whorean, whilipino, etc.
by Lauren October 20, 2003
33 38
A white, girl/boy, and a asian, girl/boy couple.
My boyfriend and i are whasian.
by Gabby sam April 11, 2009
5 15
A white person who acts asian in the sterotypical sense of overacheiving academicly.
After Bob got a 2400 on his SAT, it became clear that he was whasian.
5 22