something perplexing.
"sweet jesus, that is the most whargarbl picture of a shark high fiving a grizzly bear. EVER!
by Ian Marvin November 06, 2008
Top Definition
(n.) A useless or unproductive excersize.
(v.) To waste time and effort.
(n.) The noise made by a dog's mouth as it bites the stream of water coming from a lawn sprinkler.

Those managers spend all their time whargarbling with meetings about meetings and leave the real work to everyone else.
by leroy jenkem December 07, 2007
a general expression of boredom, depression, displeasure, etc.
also used as a description of the above.
Bob: so how was your day?
Jim: whargarbl.
by kaptn splash September 01, 2009
1. Shortened form of saying Water, Garbage, Cable Bill.

originated from Whargarbl TV

2. A bunch of nonsense too much to believe or care for
Hey did you pay the Whargarbl today?


Man that's just Whargarbl!!
by Jay Duece June 26, 2010
(n.) A name for the sound of a woman's vagina flapping in the wind.
Cindy's whargarbl startled her skydiving instructor.
by notmybroadsword April 13, 2010
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