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1. The act of having sex without even bothering to try to get the woman to orgasm. Usually lasts for about five seconds.

2. The act of having sex with a neophyte (usually a sixteen-year-old unattractive computer geek).
"Yeah last night I had sex with this one ugly chick, so I decided to hurry it up, so it was just wham bam thank you ma'am."
by Anonymous March 09, 2003
slang for a quickie or a really fast-paced sex with someone you barely know or do know but don't care about. wham bam thank you maam just means that you bang her and go.
"So I was with this girl, right? Just wham bam thank you maam!"
by BIG M-SLICE July 29, 2006
A quick Fuck.
Me : I'm really horny, but I only have 15 minutes before class

Him : Is this a wham bam thankyou ma'am kind of thing?

Me: ohhh yes!
by Ohh Just Fuck It June 20, 2011
Having sex then breaking off contact with the person.
Dave: Hey dude guess who just got lucky last night!
Greg: Sweet. What's her name?
Dave: Anna, she's hot as fuck!
Greg: Have you called her yet?
Dave: I never got her number...
Greg: Sounds like a case of wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am.
Dave: Shit.
by Joshua666 July 08, 2013
Sometimes used as a way to denote the successful completion of a military mission well underbudget and well within time constraints. Implies they forgot something (see other definition)
If America were to declare war on Canada and launched a full scale nuclear strike, it'd be safe to say that that operation was "wham bam thank you ma'am"
by Anonymous March 09, 2003