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The magic word that appears when a thirteen year old boy discovers that Whale-cum and Welcome sound alike.
by Sethyboi January 10, 2011
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spelled almost like welcome, and is used instead, to say welcome!

1: congratz!
2: tyty
1: ur whalecum
by GRANZERN February 07, 2009
Whale Cum means "Welcome" but is intentionally spelled "Whale Cum" If pronounced right, it should sound like "Welcome" with a southern accent.
"Whale Cum to the Banana!"
"You are new? Well Whale Cum!"
by c0mbatMaTT97 May 04, 2009
Whalecum meaning Welcome
As in You're Welcome
First Fren: thank you

Second Fren: Whalecum

Bob: Thank you
Judy: Whalecum
Bob: Tasty
by Negative Creep666 March 01, 2015
like welcome but cooler ;)
only a few cool ppl say it
person 1: ohhh thanks

Person 2: your whalecum
by yamum!!! August 02, 2011

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