A fat person who hates being fat and says "I miss the old days." Even though in the old days you were still fat and no one liked you.
Whale: "I miss the old days." Random Standbyer: "Shut up whale, your fucking fat."
by SSFuckWhales March 06, 2011
Wheeling ugly girls, or having no wheels at all.
proper: yo johns got some nice wheels
noob: yo johns got some nice whales.
by cravox October 20, 2008

actually I would doubt that whales were anything other than malevolent giant fish if they weren't shedding their gross body hair onto my beaches
Whales suck they eat all our sailors drink all out water. and shed on out beaches. We should either kill them or so shaved them ore both
by Colte the Pirate January 06, 2007
An extremely fat or obese person.
Person 1: Yo, look at that whale!

Person 2: I know, right!?
by Acoolboy October 25, 2014

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