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Its the largest animal living but its also an insult for fat people who are extremely heavy.
Ronnie: WOAH!!... look at the size of that lad there
Sam: I know, lets ask him for a piggy back

Ronnie: Dont bother sam hes too heavy for me and you

George: ooooooooooh (trump, burp, picks belly button, iches his butt).
Sam: yep hes defonatly a Whale
by ronnie1997 August 04, 2011
1. A synonym for 'goddamn humongous'.
1: That roller coaster ride is so whale!

2: That girl has some whale breasts.

3: That is one whale burger.
by Vondamor May 31, 2011
Fat ass white women that don't give a fukk

bitches that can eat and eat and EAT

The gurls in my cooking class couldn't wait to eat dat food, they was whales
by Adog125 August 11, 2011
usually a fat bitchy female, sometimes could be a fat male, but is commonly used towards overweight females
Arnold: Dude, i can't believe that new fat chick, Dana, constantly kept talking shit to Sheena, she's such a whale.
by Carlnator30 October 01, 2010
A whale is a person who eats a lot of snacks and cannot stop eating. They become bloated and are hence a whale!
Saray kept eating pockey till she became a whale!
by Saray's friend November 18, 2010
another word for sexual intercourse
yo me and him just whaled
by asbjdnasdua December 13, 2011
ounce of marijuana
im gonna start selling whales of pot to ppl
by staguitar September 05, 2011