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Getting pinned down while swimming alongside a killer whale in open waters; I fail of immense proportions; Free Willy 3: The Rescue.
"Oh man, did you see that killer whale fall on top of that diver!?"

"Yeah! That was a whale fail!!"

"Almost as whale fail as Keiko in Norway!"

by Epic Marine Biologist January 21, 2009
14 3
Describes the action of someone who is overweight doing something very stupid and embarrassing, such as falling down, dropping items, etc.
Matt: Dude, did you see Big Betty fall down the stairs yesterday?
Jim: Hell yeah, total Whale Fail.
by alunajoy September 30, 2010
10 6
when someone says something that is just so "mind numbingly vile and reprehensible yet stupifyingly unfunny and embarresing" they get something even worse than a "Facepalm" they get a Whale Fail

Boy: Why do Negro people smell like gorilla feces?

Boy 2: You sir deserve a Whale Fail
by delusion72 July 07, 2010
4 8