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A term used by mostly asians whoa talk lika dis cause they soo asiann. It is a misspronunciation of the phrase "what the heck." It is usually made when they get lower than expected grades on tests or when there is no more rice.
Asian guy named Ryan Mao: "I got a 99 on my calculus test? whaddaheck!"
by whaddaheck April 01, 2011
Asians who names rhyme with Mao and Chow and whoa talk lika dis cuz dey soo asiann use "whaddaheck" instead of white people words like "darn it" or "fiddle sticks". They use it especially when they dont get a 100 on a math test or when there is no more rice.
Whaddaheck! Urban dictionary wont accept my definition of whaddaheck.
by Aggies are gay April 05, 2011
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