To get hacked by your wife.
I was on Google Chat at work conversing with a friend, and my wife logged into my account at home and totally whacked the conversation!
by schleprock37 December 20, 2011
Demented; not right in the head
When someone says the same thing to you 10 times they're whacked.
by Jessica March 17, 2005
Variant of wacked and synonymous with words like fucked, banged, shafted, jerked, screwed, put out and so forth; therein conveying a sense of sexual exploitation, prior to being utterly devestated, or "done in" with a show of violent, sadistic rage that renders the object to an inebriated state that is nasty and/or sordid.
In the James Bond/ 007 novels and movies, its often seems like Bond is going to be whacked by his vixen henchwomen, such as "May Day" (A View to a Kill) and "Pussy Galore" (Goldfinger); but, somehow his fate is turned and the evil women learn to respect and adore him, thus giving him his escape to victory.
by Z Last Words October 03, 2009
combination of 'whack' as if to inflict pain on a fellow being, and wicked. so in deffanition its whackety wicked boshank me whack, what?
that damn ride dats whacked man!

'oohhhh whaccccckkkkkkeeeed!'
by michael clarke May 04, 2004
when a person is very affected from smoking pot
man im SOOO whacked
by timmy o'toole March 30, 2003
The ultimate'the alpha&omega'death in his finest form'"forest of illusions" soon to be (hopefully)server owner
Like's teams although people don't realise it.
uztett:"Whacked i may not let u be the server owner there is no "i" in team."
by bobish May 01, 2005

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