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An academic of low repute who happily attaches his name to the daily barrage of dubiously engineered, often whacky, research "findings" promoted by PR agencies to gain media coverage for their clients' products. Although whackademics often receive a monetary payment to have their name and academic establishment featured in the press release, the worst offenders often do so merely to see their name in the papers.
A survey by (insert health product) revealed that today, June 14th is National Drowsy Day. (insert whackademic's name and university)stated: "we calculated that our seratonin levels are at their lowest level on June 14th due to a combination of external and physiological factors on this day and therefore it's important to take extra supplements to combat this phenomenon"
#academia #whacky #public relations #research #quirky
by Dr Quirky September 11, 2007
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