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P.C.P. smokers who are usually homeless and living on the streets of Rivercide. Many avoid the street altogether opting for the riverbottom.
Yo, me'n 'at spin doggy be dumpster divin' 'til we fine us a whack-rat up in 'at lot where dem cluckers be.
One who saves every dirty mag and porno they have ever bought, they usually have closets full of the stuff. They will never throw it out and will go back sometimes, and whack off to shit several years old because they can't help themselves. Support groups are beginning to pop up here and there but most are to busy whacking off the attend them.
I was over at Rick's house last night and his closet is full of porn, he's a damn whack rat. Must be a thousand mags in there.
by Moneyshotman February 08, 2010
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