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1. adj; something in bad taste or is otherwise unappealing.

2. verb; to murder someone.

3. verb; to masturbate.
1. Yo Freddy, turn off the country music. That shit is whack.

2. Freddy, turn off that fuckin' country music before I go and whack ya.

3. Freddy, I said turn off the country music, I didn't say pull your johnson out and start whackin' it. The fuck?
by Eapert McDangles June 29, 2006
1. adjective; appalling in nature, unconventional.

2. verb; to strike one with the hand or fist.

3. verb; to assassinate.
1. yo, that's whack.

2. if your mother heard that she'd whack you upside the head.

3. you want we should whack a dog?
by bud newman. February 28, 2003
crazy, ridiculous
Your mom flushed your stash? that's whack!
by baccarati May 14, 2002
the sound that a whip makes.
"Get back to work!"

mush mush *Whack* mush *Whack*
by WordRepoMan April 05, 2013
1. Street slang, meaning "bad".
2. To assassinate another "mo-fo".
3. Nickelwhack
1. "Man, that's whack!"
2. Tony the legitimate Sicilian businessman got whacked.
3. Hairy Canadian band.
by Schubert November 26, 2003
an event, action, or thing which makes no sense or is contrary to a logical course of action; something entirely disagreable or undesirable; A non-sequitor;
That's whack!
by Mirak Meffit August 21, 2003
v:1) often associated with Italian mafia stereotypes from television, synonymous with assassinate. 2) To strike. 3) sometimes used as slang for masturbation
n:1) A phrase in text often surrounded in an explosion star used occasionally to display a superhero striking a villian in a comic book or cartoon. 2) A strike or attempt at something.
adj: An idea or concept that is outrageous or crazy.
v1) "I could whack my own mother!" - Mobster, the 'Simpsons'
v2) The brother whacked his younger sibling with the stick.
v3) I'm going to go whacking when I get home.
n1) "Whack, pow!" - Batman
n2) Sure, I'll give it a whack.
adj) "Man, that is so WHACK!" - Robert Beron, 'Everybody loves Ray'
by TheWanderer November 23, 2004
As used by The Token Black Guy in films, in order to illustrate that he is, indeed, The Token Black Guy
"I'm The Token Black Guy. Das Whack!"
by jonny hopper November 06, 2003