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Acronym for "White-Haired Anime Boy". Frequently indicates a villain, anti-hero, or an important character in general.
Many WHABs end up dead, which is a common area of debate and grief in anime fan forums. Further analysis indicates that the deaths of white-haired or silver-haired characters may be an allusion to how the word "white" in Japanese (白 "shiro") is similar to the word for "death" (死 "shi").
"Oh no, Kaworu Nagisa ended up dying!"
"What did you expect? He's a WHAB, after all."

"I can't help but fall for every WHAB I see."
by BIG M-SLICE. March 11, 2014
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The breasts.
"Nigella Lawson has lovely whabs"
by Jerry Winston September 09, 2003

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