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A very handy term meaning:

What's happened?

What's going on?
1) You see your friend is looking for something on the floor.

"Wha blow?"

"Dropped my punk"


2) The police kick down your door.

"Wha blow?"

"I'm arresting you on suspicion of sheep rustling etc."
by Adam Gyles July 04, 2006
same as wagwan
wahblow my bredrin - whats going on my friend
by jason September 21, 2003
used to greet close friends for relations.
wha blow! whats happenin
by Zeus November 07, 2003
a term that ranges many emotions. from greeting a pal, to cursing something shit that has happen.
'when the cops pull you over -WHA BLOW!'
Task Force
by Jukka February 02, 2004
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