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An old Starcraft community, started by two brothers from Belgium: Eki and Onurb, dedicated mainly to running a based ladder. Despite of years of mis-management after the brothers moved on it still survives as a community site. Their ladder is currently inactive. Most WGTour fans are just Starcraft fans, which you will find them in other sites as Teamliquid fans or PGTour fans etc.. Do not ever confuse a WGTour fan with a "wgtour admin." The formers are just good StarCraft fans, the latters are no lifers, power happy hyenas, for the most part mean, useless or dumb who are dead set on destroying their community.
whats your wgtour ladder rank? banned..
#starcraft #broodwar #teamliquid #gosugamers #pgtour
by evolutionspore May 08, 2006
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