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This acronym stands for "Withdraw from cock". This also happens to be why a woman bleeds for seven days without dying. The woman is so cock deprived, that as much as her VAG wants cock, it starts to bleed because it hasn't had any. In short WFC is just another way of replacing that awful acronym of PMS.
Kenny, what's the 'tude for bro. Oh, I understand! Guys it's alright, he just has WFC.
-Oh, okay then, that's reasonable.
by Metrobro May 16, 2008
The Phillies are World Fucking Champions (WFC)
"World Champions.......World Fucking Champions (WFC)!" - Chase Utley
by SunnyInPhilly June 28, 2009
it means "Who Fucking Cares?". Who really gives a **** ?(damn, shit or fuck - take your pick).
The news on TV reported that Britney Spears got her head shaved. That ain't news! That's petty bullshit. WFC?
by TV Pirate February 19, 2007
Weasle-faced cock sucker
A person who has an appearance similar to a weasle and acts like a jerk all the time could be referred to as WFCS.
by Randall2 July 07, 2006
Weasle-faced cock sucker
That jerk of a guy is a WFCS.
by Randall2006 July 12, 2006
Work from Church
Facebook status : WFC
by JeremeylovesDobrott December 14, 2010