a mod where the ppl who are good at it get to listen to the ppl to used to be good at it complain about how much it sucks now.
"Why don't you take out all the gadgets and gimmicks that made WFA into whatever it is today, and give us back our Q2WF" - The Beast (aka nerd-on-roids)
by the real Niall... March 04, 2003
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Short for wanted for arrest. Cops are looking for a person they want to arrest.
Person 1: Did you hear what happened last night?
Person 2: Yeah that girl from the party got into some trouble and is wfa!
by toosmartforyou May 18, 2009
for those that missed q2wf. lesser weapons factory.
by lol March 04, 2003
mod for those that get owned in other mods. to replace skill with game speed and spam.
by lol March 04, 2003

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