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A heroin town with a drinking problem
If you need heroin, weymouth is your friend
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by bostonhooligan January 07, 2012
The power losing capitol of Massachusetts. Drinking Budweiser until you pass out under the Hingham bridge is one of Weymouth residents favorite things to do. If you're not drinking by noon on Saturday then you must not be in Weymouth. There's an abundant supply of wannabe rock stars who still think they're rocking out in their 40's and 50's even know the last gig they played was at a friends back yard party over 20 years ago. You all know who you are. There's no shortage of power pigs ready to sleep with anyone with Budweiser breath. Yup, Weymouth... the place to go if you plan on waking up in a dumpster.
buy weymouth mugs and t-shirts
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by Captain Speaker August 04, 2010
Small town in Massachusetts whose northern most boarder is located within Boston Harbor. Considered to be on The South Shore

What I've realized over my time spent in and around Boston is that Weymouth ain't Wellesley, it's not Newton and it sure as hell isn't Hingham. And that's a real good thing. Growing up in Weymouth, most of us didn't spend time on soft rolling lawns, private prestigious schools or in country club swimming pools. In fact, growing up we didnt have nanny's, we had parents. We didn't have trust funds, we had jobs. Only town on south shore where kids know how to earn their own money.
Weymouth is a drinking town with a soccer problem.

George Young was born and raised in N-Dub and all of Weymouth is damn fucking proud of it

Currently a mix of wealthy and "well off" residents.
Previously a tough working class town whose residents would knock you out if fucked with.
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by Pats rule March 13, 2006
An ugly turd, who looks a bit like big foot, they usually have no friends and are extremely sweaty. Also a weymouth can be found either in a woodcraft room, or the west gate bridge.
You: "Did you see that Weymouth."
Friend: "Ye it gave me cancer."
#weymouth #turd #ugly #big foot #sweaty
by WeymouthHunter November 10, 2013
A "town that's technically a city" of approximately 55,000 residents in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, about 13 miles south-east of downtown Boston.

The town's length is about 7 miles north-to-south; the width is about 3.5 miles east-to-west.

Weymouth is on the South Shore, fondly nicknamed the Irish Riviera.

IMO, one of the town's true gems is Grape Island, located in the southern part of Boston Harbor and within Weymouth's jurisdiction.
A couple of years ago, a Boston Globe columnist who grew up in Weymouth stated that "Weymouth ain't Wellesley, it's not Weston, and it sure isn't Hingham. And that's a really good thing." That quote is on the Weymouth government web site, BTW.

However, Weymouth, MA is quickly becoming a gentrified town. While it will never vie with nearby Cohasset, Hingham, Milton, or Norwell in overall demographics, the town is rapidly shedding its blue collar reputation.

I wouldn't be surprised if, in five-years time, many people talking about the "old neighborhood" will be referring to Brookline or Cambridge, not necessarily Dorchester, South Boston, or Quincy.

I am seeing more Subaru Outback, Audi Quattro, and Volvo Cross Country cars parked in even the most modest of Weymouth establishments.

Weymouth has traditionally been a "Chevy and Toyota" kind of town.

Although I am happy to see Weymouth progressing economically, I fear that many longtime residents, and first-time home buyers who traditionally consider Weymouth a "step-up" to more affluent communties, will be priced out of this town altogether.
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by DFJD May 10, 2006
A small, seaside town located in South West England.
The first 'Weymouth'.

That shit-hole in Massachusetts that everyone seems to be so fond of was named after it. <3
Weymouth is in Massachusettes........... or not?
#weymouth #dorset #massachusetts #dorchester #america
by Harry!94 June 10, 2011
A CITY on the South Shore of Mass. Words to define kids in Weymouth: Massholes, Wiggers, Skater faggots, Potheads, and Alcoholics.
Theres 4 parts of Weymouth. North (N-Dub), Landing (Dub-L), East (E-Dub), and South (S-Dub).

The population of people in Weymouth is mainly Irish (Thank god), though lately there has been alot of motherfuckers moving here from Brockton, Dorchester, and Whitman (Random..). But you know what that means.. lots of blacks. Property value? Decreasing at a steady pace.
Yes, Weymouth is a piece of shit. But you know what? I am proud to be a Weymouth resident. I would be proud to raise my kids here. Though there are many pieces of shit in Weymouth, theres still kids like me who can say that but will beat the fuck out of anyone in the surround towns who say it. Or anyone for that matter. Want to know why? Weymouth produces hard motherfuckers who will work their ass off and back up anything we believe in. We learned this from the people who have previously grew up in Weymouth, our parents. We arnt a bunch of spoiled assholes, we work for what we have. If you are live in Weymouth, its a beautiful curse, but it pays off. We are better than any other surrounding town, seeing as we actually have character.

"I'm proud to be from Weymouth. It's ruined my life, literally, but I'm proud."
Weymouth residents: Willing to speak up for our dump of a town because it is where we live.
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by WeymouthResident September 28, 2011
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