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alternative spelling of the original word 'woot' or 'w00t',etc. it is an expression/exclamation of joy/happiness, usually in response to something someone else has said, or something recently discovered. contrary to all the crappy definitions listed here, the REAL origin of the 'woot' comes from the pre-WWW days of MUD games - in many of these games, when you killed monsters, it would be a rare treat if they dropped equipment (aka loot) - which lead to the usage of the phrase 'wow loot' which quickly became 'woot' for short. now vote thumbs up for this - anybody who's everybody knows this is the true origin.
User A: I just got a new laptop!
User B: WEWT!
User B: also woot!
by Smellican October 12, 2005
The coolest and most original version of w00t.
Wewt I am so cool for using this word. Sex and drugs mom! Sex and drugs!
A derrivitive of w00t

see w00t.
Wewt.. I scored
by penguin October 28, 2002
"Woot!"-exclamation, nerds us this to express excitement about 1337 gearz or phat sweet loot...Also used by kyle greer when he gets to see his uberawesome gf

another usage: whatever white trash
by love chop September 20, 2009
Dubyah's definition is dumb, this is correct: an Irishversion that is NOT the origional
Wewt yee fellow mate yee howde yee
by fwhugads July 16, 2003
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