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Similar to a wet dream, only shorter.
Keith had a wet nap during chemistry class
by Tom Main February 05, 2003
"Thanks for coming to KFC, here's your order. Would you like some wet-naps with your meal?"

"No thank you, besides, if i took them who would wash your dishes and mop up the bathroom?"

by Jessica Alba ex-mexican November 07, 2010
Simply put its the female version of the teabag.

For those really needing a definition, it is touching another (willing or unwilling) person with your vagina.
Peter got wetnapped twice while he was passed out at a party.
by dfbshaw November 30, 2007
When you have a wetdream while taking a nap
After a long day I ended up taking a wetnap before dinner
by RyGuy123 January 25, 2010
A supposedly comfortable maneuver in which one lays down in a bathtub with a pillow and comforter and turns on a warm shower, proceeding to sleep like a baby in a womb.
"We're terribly sorry, ma'am, but your son was found drowned in his bathtub yesterday, wrapped in sheets. His friends say he was attempting a wet-nap."
by ham-wombat January 25, 2009
when your girl is sleeping next to you and you jack off and cum on her and she never knows
i was really horny the other night but my girl wouldnt wake up, so i gave her a wet nap
by asshole February 26, 2004
Can refer to any attractive female. But usually refers to girls who are making a conscious effort to look attractive - whether they really are attractive or not - and thus are, presumably, currently interested in sex ("wet", "horny", "turned-on", "easy"). These women are disposable like a "wet nap" - the pre-moistened, disposable towelettes given out at some restaurants.
At the mall yesterday, we got followed by a couple of wet naps but they were way too young for us so we ditched them.
by cra2 January 28, 2012

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