When a man is caught starring at a girls Boobs or ass. Almost reaching a point of wetting himself. Also considered "red Handed" just sexual.
Rick- Hey Joe What the hell are you doing?
Joe- what?...huh?...oh i was fazing out
Rick- You're looking at that blonds ass huh?
Joe- uh...no
Rick- Ahhh your caught wet handed
by Chance Mills February 06, 2009
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To be seen by another while(somewhat)naked and wet, as in
when you have to answer the door in a towel or less when
just coming out of the shower, or fresh from the throws
of particularly sultry passion.
"Dude, give me a minute to throw my gear on; you kind of
caught me wet-handed"
by goodcop8 August 04, 2007

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