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To be unnecessarily over saturated with liquid.
A piece of meat swimming in too many juices would be said to be "wet-wet". One might say, "This ham is just wet-wet".
by 2bodd September 13, 2009
that good good pussy................
"she got aquafina flo, call it wet wet"
by Elainez_General April 06, 2006
When a girl becomes extremely moist through arousal in which she stains the sheets.
Isabela's new nickname is wet wet.

"I juss gave her a nick name, it's wet-wet
Cause when we finished she mess up all the bedsets"
-Bust It Baby Pt.2 by Plies
by Cozzymotto Garcia May 15, 2008
Nickname for a girl's vagina that gets extremely wet when turned on.
You got a nice wet-wet.
by LolaDemone April 03, 2008
Pussy so good it makes a boy cum.
Guy 1: Have you and Dianne had sex yet?
Guy 2: yea , she got that wet wet. we smash all the time
by PussyLover247 July 24, 2011