a noun used to describe a person, place or thing that is experiencing an overwhelming feeling of discomfort and disappointment.
Joe: "Did you see that Phillies game last night?"
Mary: "Yeah, what a mess! I couldn't believe the weather."
Joe: "I know, so disappointing. The whole city is a wet blanket now."
by roxy23dc October 28, 2008
Someone who soaks up cum instead of doing anything fun.
james didnt want to go the movies last night so he was being a wet blanket.
by destroyer_3rd May 15, 2009
Someone who acts in an immature manner, much like a little kid who wets his or her bed.
Joey can't go to the R-rated movie, because his parents treat him like a wet blanket.
by gjwaldie November 08, 2006
After having sex with a girl, you go into the bathroom and wipe the pussy juice off of your dick with a washcloth. When returning to the bedroom, you throw the washcloth on the girl's face. Thus giving her a wet blanket.
My girlfriend kept complaining how warm the room temperature was, so I shut her up by giving her a wet blanket.
by Jihad Muhammed January 21, 2007
A super cool girl who is funny, smart, sophisticated, and has a nice rack
Nicole is a wet blanket
by Dumpy January 26, 2005
Tom stretch. The un-evolved form of "Dity Mop". Someone who is perpetually both greasy and emotionally smothering.
God I fucking hat that guy Tom Stretch. Who? Oh, you must mean Wet Blanket.
by fartboxtonguepunch February 24, 2015

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