A person who seems determined not to have a good time and refuses to play or interact with others. Someone who generally has a negative attitude. In some cases people can become wet blankets because they cannot win the games the others are playing or continously lose, and as a result give up, becoming a wet blanket. It is important to note the continous offenses as a wet blanket can result in becoming a soggy biscuit.
1. Zane: "No, you guys always abuse me, I'm tired of playing, I quit!"
Us: "Don't be a wet blanket... You know what? You've done it to much, now you're just a soggy biscuit."
by tigress6793 November 03, 2010
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A negative person who tends to ruin other people's good times.
Don't let Joseph come on the Vegas trip, he's only going to be a wet blanket and take the fun out of everything.
by FHOIA August 23, 2005
Someone who is over-emotional. One who dwells on their negativity.
"Ah man that stupid emo guy always whines about stuff, what a wet blanket!"
by Tzeentch February 15, 2005
Someone who is generally in a negative frame of mind, sulks and ruins other peoples' fun.
Why won't Kate just pull her finger out and do something for once? She is such a wet blanket!
by The Wet One August 23, 2009
Someone or something that could have utility but chooses not to.

This is from the idea that a blanket could be a wanted item, but is no longer wanted when wet.
Mike is a really fun guy but ever since he started dating Sarah he became a wet blanket.
by the Broadcaster October 14, 2008
A blanket that is wet.
Man, I spilled water all over my blanket. Now I've got a wet blanket!
by meeeboooo September 13, 2010
that one triplet on My Super Sweet Sixteen they keep referring to
I don't wanna be a wet blanket anymore; that's why I'm dressing like a slut.
by Ashlarr December 31, 2005

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