To eat out a girl.... A lot of times people do a peace sign and put there toung in it as a sing they want to do it
I want to wetball this hot girl!!!
by Loveitliveit March 29, 2010
Top Definition
making a basketball shot all net.
player shoots ball yells "wet ball". He is saying its nothing but net.
by Berto June 20, 2003
When you lick your hand and slap a dude's testicles.
I'm never taking a shower in locker room again. Those frat guys keep giving me the wetball.
by brundog July 09, 2009
Men who are worthless piece of shits. They are good for nothing and all they do is cause trouble.
Men who play video games all day and make trouble are nothing but wet balls.
by Saby April 12, 2008
When a guy gives a girl oral sex
or goes down on her
I wanna wetball that bitch named laron
by asdfgHALEYY March 18, 2009
When you drain it from deep in hoops the shooter will yell out "wet ball!" Also applys to just saying "wet!" Players who wet ball on a regular basis belong to wet ball nation.
I pull up from 35 with a defender in my face and the ball goes strait through the net.
Defender: "Damn this nigga must rep Wet Ball Nation!"
Me: "Hell yeah, I'm always wet"
by ibewet August 13, 2011
hairy and soaked in beer

balls that are tossed into specially arranged plastic cups for the purpose.. to help out a parched friend, or to show off your pong skills, or to bring more business to the beer companies or your local liquor store.

light-weight with alot of bounce
"Please wipe off your wet balls before aiming."

You just wet your balls in my beer cup.
by Wed. Wife and Sexi Lexi & Sara October 16, 2010
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