n. A skimpy marijuana joint that's been dipped in PCP Alt: Fry
: "Let's go get some wet."
by callinghome November 02, 2004
to shoot someone or kill someone by shooting them
"let's go wet that guy up"
by $D$ December 03, 2003
Better than something else.
"His car is better it's wet bruh"
by shanillyantaquisha June 07, 2007
Marine and navy speak for any liquid substance

Often appended with either "hot" or "cold" dependedant on tyep of drinke

Hot Wet = Tea, Coffee, etc
Cold Wet = beer, coke, water, etc
"I've got the kettle on fancy a hot wet ?"

by wilksta April 26, 2006
having a nasty shot; sick wit it
Jay: *swishes a half court shot*
crowd: WET!
by J 0 K A February 04, 2005
a slang for PCP.
Where can I find some wet?
by Andy March 19, 2003
A verb meaning to make bloody.
Fuck with me, and I'll wet your shirt
by Yogi March 22, 2005

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