mint leaves soaked in embalming fluid, sherm oil (pcp) and or ether sold in small glass jars resembling crack viles, or back in the old days in wax paper bags. usualy kept frozen to preserve the pcp etc etc
yo i grabed some wet down in badlandz, twist that shit up quick before it warms us
#wiggles #wak-ata #wok #sherm #water
by cutmasterc March 22, 2006
to be cool, to be dry is to be uncool
Dee and Julie are wet, but Steph and Sarah are as dry as leaves in the fall.
by Dee December 27, 2004
When someone drops a shot in the rim from free throw line or half court or when someone does something extremly good.
1) DAMN Tyrones shot was WET
2) That dance move Nikitta did was wet
by Suggasugga November 08, 2004
chopped up mint leaves soaked in formaldehyde/embalming fluid often containing pcp sold in jars with different colored tops...in Philadelphia, it's called "wet" or "wiggles"...other slang names are "illy" or "fry"
I'm about to jar up a bundle of wet... I'm just waiting for the chop to drain.
by Jay Jerk July 11, 2004
When yo jumpa in basketball is good
My jumpa is wet
by annoymous January 27, 2004
Used to describe a male with less than heroic characteristics. Often applys to one's ability to consume alcohol, but can extend to all things to describe an individual's general lameness.
A: I was planning a real bender last night but I only got through two beers before I went home.
B: Well that's wet.

That Jimmy is so wet, he never even leaves the house any more.
#pussy #loser #weak #lame #shut-in
by timboooo September 02, 2006
Crazy or Dirty
J: Derrick thinks Mariah Carey is ugly! H: thats wet
#dirty #grimey #saturated #silly #crazy
by Dmorgan July 11, 2006
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