1)Kill someone. As in wet from blood when someone is sprayed

2)Excite a female
1)Don't get fuck with me or ill wet you up

2)I had that bitch wet last night
by ac January 31, 2004
something that is cool or you like it alot, and wish u had it.
sup my dude? them jay's on ur feet be wet my nigga.
by Matt Petrie May 21, 2007
when a car has a really expensive high gloss paint job
" Man you see Tre box chevy, Man that thing wet"
by baught November 24, 2007
a drippy, useless, nerdy idiot. UK slang.
She's a hall moniter? what a wet!
by A3M3R May 20, 2007
Old saying, meaning drunken, or drunk.
by RooflesPwnedIrlAsapKthx August 01, 2003
Boring or uncool, waste of time and effort (see also wack, booDe, not hype, and laim)

Common word - Dry -,opposite but in this case very much the same
Hoochie momma: Girl you went to the party last night
Ghetto Queen: Hell yeah gurl
Hoochie Momma says: Well was it straight?
Ghetto Queen: Hell Nawl, that party was wet
by T.Kirby April 19, 2004
To have your hands covered in Blood.
I just killed a guy, I am WET.
by Loves2spooge123 December 10, 2009

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