chopped up mint leaves soaked in formaldehyde/embalming fluid often containing pcp sold in jars with different colored tops...in Philadelphia, it's called "wet" or "wiggles"...other slang names are "illy" or "fry"
I'm about to jar up a bundle of wet... I'm just waiting for the chop to drain.
by Jay Jerk July 11, 2004
A verb meaning to make bloody.
Fuck with me, and I'll wet your shirt
by Yogi March 22, 2005
oppisite of B.E.T.
It is a station i will make someday called white entertainment television. It will feature a lot of wigers getin on hot oreo chicks.
hey lets watch W.E.T. tonight
by The Man October 25, 2003
When a man/men act(s) in a fruity, homo, gay way such as slapping each others asses, holding hands, or acting like your going to kiss with another man
"Did u see those 2 guys holding hands? Man they're wet"
by Desmond X. May 23, 2007
to be an absolute veteran at life. Good-looking.
I just wet his mouth in baskeball.
Man! That girl is wet.
by Pranav P March 03, 2006
1) To be a cry-baby, a "wetter"
2) To have a tantrum or destroy the mood in the room, "to have a wet"
3) Homosexual men
4) An unwanted individual, "wetting the place up"
5) Having a lack of social skills
1) "OH! Stop being such a wetter!"
2) "Look at him go, he's being wet"
3) "What a wetter"
4) "He's coming? Ungh, we're all gonna get wet now!"
5) "Look at that wetter, shut up!"
by Wetter May 19, 2007
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