verb. the act of sticking your dick (willy) inside of the nozzle of a hose while water is running.
yo I was so horny last week I wet willy-ed a few times
by sticky dick davis November 24, 2015
the bar referred to by ludacris in the Pimpin All Over The World song. the bar is located on ocean drive in miami beach, flordia frequented by celebrities. All drinks at wet willie are slushies.
Bout to go down wet willies on ocean and she what poppin.
by K Byrd jr. April 30, 2008
When you wake someone up by putting your wet erect penis in his/her ear.
"Wet willy, wet willy, I just gave you a wet willie!"
by Wigwillie April 04, 2016
When your girl gives you some good brain resulting in an incredible explosion of your skeetand she keeps it in her mouth then goes straight to eating your ass spitting your man juice into your anal.
*last night things got so kinky between my girl she performed a wet willy on me
-No way, you have yourself a freak bro
by szcherries January 27, 2015
When you flirt so hard with a girl that you make her pussy wet
Ronny gave Tania a wet willy at the party. While he was spitting his game on her.
by sexygangster6 June 23, 2011
The act of putting your finger in your mouth and then inserting the finger into someones rectum when they do not expect it and screaming, "WET WILLY!"
Bill was sleeping so Jim gave him a wet willy, he then recieved a swift kick in the ass
by ThomasGotHigh January 11, 2011
Thee act of sticking your tiny little needle dick into some bitches ear and cum
Oh my fucking god so some bitch was past out during church so i totally gave her a wet willy
by JoeTHEEAverage November 12, 2011
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