Wet dripping hot-box, kfc hot box
Aaron: I really want to play with your hot-box, i like wet pussy

Krum: Yeah sure, my hot-box smells like kentucky fried chicken, but your more than welcome, im hairy as well.
by aaron kennedy May 07, 2007
Top Definition
when a female gets horny, her privates get wet
That guy was kissing on my chest and then i got so horny that my pussy got wet.
by realness November 23, 2003
A cat soaked in water.
My pussy got wet in the rain! Gotta dry her fur!
by Tim XYZ October 26, 2003
when a woman pussy gets wet
the best thing in the world
by tim burns January 03, 2004
what i get alot omg i love it being wet is the best thing ever! and then being ate out during being wet omg its to die for!
emily had a wet pussy and then tommy ate her out as she moaned her mom walked in and asked if she was ok
by emonica August 20, 2006
Best feeling in the world
I have a wet pussy right now
by Xx-lil-miss-me-xX November 21, 2006
When a girl is with a guy she likes n he makes her very horny her pussy gets wet.
I got so excited last night with Jake, I got a wet pussy!!
by Emo Girl January 11, 2006
very horny makes your box drip
hey johnny, come and feel my box, its dripping wet do you want to nibble on my wet pussy
by aaron kennedy May 05, 2007
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