n. (euphemism) A slit throat.

Not to be confused with the racist characterization Wetneck.

1) I'm gonna give that punk a wet neck for messin' with my bitch!

2) If I don't pay my drug dealer by 5:00, my neck's gonna be wet!

by Ash79 January 31, 2006
The mexican equivalent of a redneck.
They are often seen sporting cowboy hats and boots, wearing unbuttoned silk or cotton shirts with wife beaters on underneath and driving a chevy pick-up (Notice the silhouetted female on the mudflaps.) Can't speak english well or at all. Laborers who are often enslaved, I mean, contracted for severely low-paying jobs
by Madamasselle March 01, 2003
The opposite of a Whitexican.

Someone of Hispanic descent that behaves as a redneck. They chew tobacco, drink whiskey, enjoy listening to Toby Keith, wear ostrich hide boots, talk like Boomhauer on King of the Hill, etc...
I got hit on by a Hispanic guys in a truck at a stop light. He was jamming out to Merle and spitting his chew into an empty bottle of Lonestar. What a wetneck!
by TexasBelle May 27, 2005
A person who has a parent that is Mexican (wetback) and one is White (redneck).You were raised white and have a country accent, but you have a great tan.
I am half white and half Mexican; you know half wetback half redneck? So i am a wetneck.
by %100 WET-NECK November 22, 2006

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