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A fish that is wet and used for slapping people around the face.

Can be used to explain just HOW angry you are at someone
i am going to slap you with a wet fish
by i-rock March 26, 2008
This is someone who always agrees to do things with his mates but is then a let down or a flop
Yusef Salam stop being a wet fish!
by Friend32155 June 02, 2016
A slimy, very weak and non-committal handshake.
I got such a wet fish handshake from that guy whilst on security.
by theboyos April 04, 2013
The act of taking a shower and then jumping in your buddies bed butt necked without drying off. Can be preformed at family campouts, church camps, sleep overs, band camp, etc.
Did you see what Cole did to David?!?! He wet fished him! His sleeping bag is soaked! That sucks!
by Hollerin' Bobby April 18, 2008
A kind of smell u would get when making a girl cum her pants.
Usulayy found on your fingers after a good 'slip and go'
by Chris Wade February 11, 2003
Cumming on your hand and slapping someone around the face.
Guy: Dude, I totally gave that girl a wet fish!!
by Sad git January 03, 2012
Take a paper napkin, roll it up, dip it in water and hit someone in the face with it!!
Me and jack were having a play-fight in the pub and he put a wet fish straight in my ear!!
by Olivia April 15, 2005
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