When you have sex Avatar style. Ejaculating to an imagined incredible sexual experience, while your actual body lays sweaty in a cocoon like state.
"Dude, i had a "wet dream" about your mom last night"
"Friday is the 4th anniversary of her car accident"
"yeah, you wanna go to wing street?"

"wet dream"
by m. Stephen November 18, 2010
1.When you are in your teenage years and are going through puberty your penis experiments and while you are sleeping will get sexually excited and start to release semen.

2.Are often perceived by retarts as the term to having wet their pants.. while they sleep....
1.Louis is having a wet dream because his penis is vertically bisecting his body and there is semen erupting from his penis.

2.retart 1: (whispers to retart 2) hey i just had a wet dream last night.
retart 2: same!! i have wet dreams everyday and i make my mom clean me up!
randomdudepassingby: (seeing the two 8 year olds) wtf....?
by XXX__ICU__XXX July 17, 2006
When a male cums in his sleep.
"last night i had a wet dream, thinking about Katie Price ON my Knob!
by Innes90 January 02, 2007
When A Ghost Jacks You Off While You Sleeping And You Cum All Over Your Bed.
Joey Went To Sleep At 5 pm And Ilan the big ghost came and jacked him off and gave joey a wet dream
by IlanJoey May 22, 2011
when you cum or squirt or release spooge while you are in an unconscious state or sleeping. happens when youre goin through puberty, VERY MESSY.
dude: oh man i just wetdream!
dude2: hope you wash your sheats
by violentj June 22, 2006
dreaming about someone who you like and lettin go of the semen
Joe was all sweaty and was havin wet dreams.
by ghettojaymn8897 November 11, 2004
One of the most unpleasant things in the world. You cum in your sleep unexpectedly, and when you wake up, the sweet juice has already dried onto your panties and made your underwear really dirty.
*finds a wet dream on underwear* Really?!
by A Really Bucking Fastard July 02, 2013
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