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To be overwhelmed with social and interpersonal duties and relationships in such a way that one desires to be left alone so as to re-gather their emotions and/or mental state.
Amy: Hey Mark, have you seen John? I wanted to ask him to help me set up my new computer.

Mark: yeah, I know where he's at, but he's kind of burnt-out. Totally got wet cat syndrome. Is there anything I can help with?
by zentechinc March 15, 2015
When a person suddenly becomes extremely grumpy, and looks/feels/acts like a wet cat (hissing, pouting, general spitefulness). This is typically brought upon by undesired moisture, especially humidity or sweat.
My wife's wet cat syndrome tends to flare up in extremely hot weather. She can't handle sweat or humidity in public places. She becomes a miserable grump.
by twill August 13, 2015
Wet Cat Syndrome (WCS)--- When a person, usually a male, begins to resemble a wet cat, usually due to lack of exercise and poor diet. While this syndrome has an obvious cure, most of those that are plagued by it cannot seem to find it. That being said, the syndrome only progresses until the patient hits rock bottom at Terminal Wet Cat Syndrome or TWCS. At this stage the patient is considered to be "walking dead" or "skin and bones" and those who view him just begin to feel sorry for him.
We were at the gym the other day and we saw a marine who had terminal wet cat syndrome.
by dubC-S October 18, 2010

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