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refers to the female genetalia that has been aroused and in turn lubricated for the purposes of getting smashed by a dripping third leg.
that bitch had the mintest wet box so i fucked the shit out of it
by mckoo March 07, 2007
The Shower.
BROCK: Hey, Dolores, don't run the dishwasher until I get out of the wetbox!
BROCK: I'm hoppin' in the shower!
DOLORES: Ohhhhhhh...
by clobberella May 22, 2011

To use a shower as the site of smoking marijuana for the purpose of dissipating the scent.


A shower that has been recently used for the purpose of wet boxing.

"I plan to wet box tomorrow evening before I am compelled to attend a Parent and Student Drug and Alcohol Awareness meeting at my high school."


"Damn, that wet box doesn't smell like marijuana at all."
by Diananaid November 19, 2006
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