having anal sex with a women in the bathtub while she is face down and submerged underwater (her ass must remain submerged aswell)
ana: hey, why do you look so nervous?

lee: i gave some broad the wet basement yesterday, i accidentally killed her though
by mazerrackham May 26, 2012
Top Definition
The result of one urinating in his or her sexual partner's rectum.
Rico: Cindy is such a whore man! Did you give her a dirty sanchez?

Frank: Nah man, I gave her a wet basement!
by Undertaker418 August 27, 2009
Wet moldy basements can destroy your home.
I let my wet basement go and my house will never be the same.
by Paul Thornton October 18, 2007
A moldy stinky wet gapping snatch hole
Damn that fuckin sloppy hooker had the meanest wet basement I ever seen.
by Ricky Kasso May 05, 2009

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