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An involuntary facial expression. A "Westie" can be very traumatising when you are on the receiving end.
Oh my god, she totally just gave me a Westie !
by qwertyuiop321poop April 13, 2011
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A male or female who lives in the Western parts of Ballarat- however, the term has evolved to mean someone of specific qualities relating to these people. Theoretically, a person of Delacombe or Sebastopol could be called a westie, but the word is mostly used when talking about groups of people rather than individuals. A westie usually wears dark clothing and has piercings and/or tattoos which could have been acquired at any age. * It is extremely common for a westie to smoke cigarettes and they are also known for being involved with illicit substances, binge drinking and underage sexual intercourse.

The most common meeting places for underage westies are outside the McDonald's of Bakery Hill, in any Hungry Jack's, the side of Sturt Street from Good Games to Savings and Loans, on the benches and stairs outside the entrance of Central Square, and sitting outside The Unicorn when they supposedly should be in school. If there is ever a westie/westie family living in an area that isn't in Wendouree, 60% of these home owners will leave the house within ten years or continue to thrive there until death.

*An underage westie is not to be confused with a scene/emo kid. A scene/emo kid may be a westie and vice versa, but usually scene kids who are not westies are part of a middle class family.
Jessica: Hey, that 13 year old is smoking.
Brad: Yeah, what a westie.

Vanessa: Should we choose a different exit?
Caitlin: Of course- look at all those westies waiting outside.
by 1Chicken1Nuggets1 February 22, 2014
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a word that arrogant, snobby, north shore and eastern suburbs pricks call anyone from the heart of suburban Sydney. They forget that upper class Strathfield is located in the western suburbs.
don't go to Bondi Beach, its full of westies
by Westie August 20, 2003
35 37
A westie has become a term for someone who can be classified as a boagan or white trash. General dress code is Ugg Boots with Trackies and a mullet. However the term originated from the fact that these sort of people were found in the west side, i.e. west side of melbourne:western Suburbs: Footscray etc. Although this is not as true anymore 'westies' are found in places other than the west. This doesn't also mean that everyone from the west side is a 'westie.' Although the term westie has become brorder it is directly related to the fact that they live on the west side.
"I have a mullet and wear trackies with ugg boots, they call me a 'westie'"
by Sasco September 12, 2006
7 10
Someone who does West Coast Swing typically wearing black and rhinestones.
You can tell she's a Westie because she's wearing sparkles and I heard her throwing up in the bathroom.
by Lluevos Rancheros August 09, 2003
4 17
anyone who lives on the west coast of Australia.
ie, Western Australia
"I live in Western Australia, therefore I am a westie"
by JanaBear November 23, 2005
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