University, 45 minutes west of civilization, that has a huge drunken population of sex addicts, druggies, and generally moronic students. WCU=We Cant Understand
I graduated from Western Carolina University and work at McDonalds.
by Bart D July 18, 2005
Top Definition
A university that is more than you expect it to be and that can only be found in the WHEE. Home of the Catamount, the UC, a badass baseball team, and the colors gold and purple blending together nicely to represent THE Western Carolina University. Oh yeah, and if you're good enough to get onto our marching band that is saying something, since we are one of the best universities for that in the WORLD.
The Carolina Catamount is Western Carolina University.
by Jerica Lee July 24, 2006
A school in the middle of nowhere, but it's still pretty kick-ass. It has basically the best marching band anywhere, it's kind of a big deal, & it makes up for the shitty football. Not really a big party school, but definitely a big sit-in-your-room-on-a-weeknight-drinking-with-your-lame-ass-friends school. It rains practically everyday and it's way too cold. But you can't help but love it!
"Why'd you pick Western Carolina University?"
"The Band"
by WoahSon February 18, 2010
A school that people who cant get into good schools go to, their band is the best band no one has ever heard of, in a place no one would ever go to unless they are wanted by the law and trying to escape society.
Why would you go to Western Carolina University?
by @drunkenuncle April 12, 2015
College in bumfuck nowhere of western north carolina. Easy as fuck to get into and cheap. Activities for first year freshmen includes drug overdoseing, alcohol poisoning, and general getting busted. The first year away from home means they go crazy with the new freedom and next thing you know their stomach is geting pumped. This is why the EMS trucks and cop cars are outside the freshmen dorms 5 nights a week minimum.
Typical Night at Western Carolina University:

Upperclassman Catamount: "There goes EMS."
Fellow Pothead: "Where do you think their going?"
Upperclassman Catamount: "You have to ask? The freshmen dorm of course!!"


Upperclassman Catamount: "See I was right! You owe me some head!"
by Call me Joker May 26, 2008
Shitty school in a shitty place. One goes there if one wants a four year degree but is too poor or too stupid to go elsewhere. Activities include unsafe sex, wishing to be elsewhere, and the consumption of illegal substances.
Shit, I'm going to Western Carolina University
by Depressed Catamount June 26, 2007
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