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To elaborate on what someone else here said, per capita income is $36,726. Median household income is $63,582 (middle to upper middle class, on average.)

Contrary to popular belief Westchester co is not that much wealthier than other suburbs; Nassau's county's PCI is $32,151 and household $72,030.
I don't feel like providing an example but urbandictionary now requires that I write one as I just did.
by Johnny January 23, 2004
21 37
According to Census 2000, Westchester county ranks no.12 (instead of no.3) out of the 3219 counties (or county equivalent) in per capita income.

Well, it is still pretty high.
by Kai October 19, 2003
14 30
The act of shitting your pants profusely, wiping your ass with dirty toilet water, and having to throw away your boxers because they are filled with shit, while being in the presence of a girl who you've liked since gradeschool.
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by Chester U March 13, 2010
23 45
Sharply divided into North and South. The southern half of the county which is closer to the city is heavily population suburbs while the towns to the north are more rural. The "Southerners", like me, don't consider Northern Westchester to really be part of our county.
Somers and Peekskill aren't Westchester, they're in Upstate New York or the "hudson valley" or whatever you want to call it. And by the way, Lower Westchester is not part of the Hudson valley contrary to every travel guide known to man, the HV is somewhere upstate or something. Really, what do Yonkers and Poughkeepsie really have in common?
by Arnold January 23, 2004
35 57
Generally boring suburb. A watered-down version of NYC where everything closes at 8 pm and New Rochelle is considered a "ghetto". I'd like to bring some of these suburban kids to the South Bronx or Jamaica Queens and then see what they think.
Wow 2 people have been shot in White Plains since 1987 what a freakin ghetto dude. Yo I didn't get my car until I was like 16-1/2 im so ghetto.
by Eddie McNamara July 13, 2005
29 53
Suburban tract of land where people identify a little too much with NYC, as they don't actually live there. Face it, no one in Manhattan cares if you lived in the Bronx until you were 3 years old and then moved to Serene Hills, NY or wherever.
Why didn't Bill just move to the Upper East Side? What the hell is up in Chappaquiddick that's so great?
by Johnny X. June 19, 2005
18 44
A suburb north of cincinnati where no one calls you back about shrooms.
Dealer: Yo, I got boomers (shrooms).
Consumer: Give me a quarter.
... 3 days later.
Consumer: Hey, what's the word on the shrooms?
... 7 hours later.
Dealer: O, sorry man, all out.

Consumer: Fuck West Chester
by sidman August 11, 2009
14 47