westbury is a decently large town in the middle of long island, not to be related with either shore: north or south. it has two different sections, north of old counrty road, and south of old counrty. north of old counrty is all black and spanish, going to westbury high school. they are all pretty stupid, but at least they are good at sports, because thats all they can do. however, south of old country road is more middle class and goes to clarke high school, a suck ass school in south westbury. everyone who attends this school hates everyone from east meadow high school and vice versa. westbury is also a town where nothing really happens. clarke h.s. is a bum ass school where evryone is all p.c. and nothing happens. the are gangs in westbury, especially at w.h.s. and in new cassel (north of old country) attending w.h.s.
westbury is such a lame ass town, i cant stand to get the hell out.
by bob sagget March 29, 2005

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