verb- to have two heterosexual men enjoy a passionate kiss in front of a confirmed homophobe.
-Dude, we just westboroed John McCain!
-Did he have a stroke?
by DreadTaco July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Someone who is adamantly against homosexuals, who also believes that they will burn in hell and tries to get others to believe the same.
Stop being such a Westboro, Frank. Just because Nathan and Sam spend so much time together doesn't mean that they're homosexual.
by karebear2 April 19, 2006
Small town in Massachusetts, dislikes gay people. Also referred to as Westbubble. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing, and is almost impossible to escape. Highlight of the town is the movie theater...barely.
Dude, why are you in Westboro(ugh)? Theres NOTHING to do there?
by K.Spence May 25, 2006
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