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Good or drunk or fucked up. The west side of Chico california is dominated by low cost student housing. Many parties happen on the west side of town and most of the hot young women that attend California State University Chico live on the west side as well. West side has come to mean many things from exceptional to to terrible.
It would be halla west side if you fronted me a sack.

That chick is hella west side.

Damn that's a hella west side smell
by pharmapharmer February 26, 2005
12 62
"The Side Where All The Originals G's come From And There's No One That Can Stop Them Not Even Police There's Just Chaos"
The Side Thats Gonna Make Every Other Side A WESTSIDE!
by "Chux" From L.A. September 19, 2004
281 114
tha west coast
lets show these fools how we do it on this west side coz u and i no its tha best side
by beach September 24, 2003
568 405
Where all the "playaz" are at, in the hood end of the "westSide"
"Yo yo nigga nigga, wanna come chill with me and the home dawgs at the WestSide"?
by Mason Beveridge February 23, 2004
262 141
Verb. To Throw up ones hands in a form of a "W".
Ima Westside your ass if you fail me on my permit test.
by Calvin February 24, 2005
219 113
California, or mainly Los Angeles. Rap artists often throw the WestSide sign meaning they are from Los Angeles. To be really from the WestSide, you have to be a gang-banger. Probally Black or Hispanic or Armenian. WestSide is more of a gang lifestyle.
Whiteboy: Westside blood nigga all day (screams out while wearing an LA hat)

18th Street gang member sees this: fucking lame ass whiteboy (takes out a gun and ends the wannabe motherfuckers life
by westuptothehomies January 25, 2008
104 67
reppin tha west side of chi-town is straight up hood
im reppin it for tha west side
by barbarino April 04, 2005
247 211
Normally when referring to LA but can be used to refer to any of the western states in America.
west side is the best side bitch!
by Angelacia June 15, 2007
120 108